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PORTICO is about interesting people doing interesting things. It’s about who we are, what we do and where we go. It’s friendship and fashion, homes and culture, travel and gourmet, shopping and playing. PORTICO is a glimpse into ourselves through engaging feature stories & revealing photography.


Why is PORTICO unique?


  • PORTICO is delivered directly into the mailbox of the metro area’s most sophisticated families.

  • PORTICO is the only pure lifestyle magazine in the metro area.

  • PORTICO targets the female first yet includes the entire family.

  • PORTICO distributes to upscale families through controlled and paid subscriptions and newsstand sales. Our total readership is 63,000.


Karen Gilder, Owner and Publisher:

121 North State Street

Jackson, MS 39201


P. O. Box 1183

Jackson, MS 39215

© 2018 by PORTICO

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