PERSPECTIVE: Jerry Crosby, Old South Brick

April 1, 2016


 Photo by Anna Goodson


   Brick, I’ll admit, isn’t something I think about daily; in fact, I’m not sure if I’d ever thought deeply about it at all. But to Jerry Crosby, owner of Old South Brick and Supply, the thought of bricks is comfortable; something he’s held dear his whole life.

Jerry started laying brick in 1959, but after nearly thirty years, decided to start something of his own. And like that, on August 17, 1982, Old South Brick and Supply was born. Now, though, to call the company “something he does on his own” would be an understatement. Old South Brick and Supply has three locations, sixty employees including five family members and thirteen eighteen-wheelers.

   Old South Brick and Supply distributes brick all over the United States and is the largest brick distributor in Mississippi. Old South Brick and Supply buys reclaimed brick from all over the country and offers several services. It lays brick for buildings both commercial and residential, though most of its work is residential. The company installs interior and exterior fireplaces using brick or stone and sells both natural and man-made stone. One of its most unique services is engraving. Old South Brick and Supply engraves various types of brick and stone to create decorative garden stones, plaques, address stones and more.

   Among its services, Old South Brick has a working shop equipped with all things brick and stone. Some of these items include concrete blocks, brick ties and masonry sand. The shop has sample stone and brick laid out so that customers can compare and contrast the different options for their home or office before making a decision.

The largeness was as evident as the hominess as I walked into Old South Brick and Supply. It is not surprising that the building was made entirely of brick, but it is surprising how much brick can fit in one yard. All different colors and sizes of brick and stone stretched across the yard of Old South Brick and Supply. Workmen and women drove forklifts and walked through the aisles of brick laid in front of them.

   In the office shared by Jerry and his wife Geraldine, you notice the entire room is coated in brick and stone. The walls, nameplate and paperweights made of dark red brick bring the color, substance and personality of Old South Brick and Supply. This personality, of course, includes personal and thorough service by trained and capable business owners.

   Sitting in a warm room with Jerry and Geraldine among the chaos and business of the day, it was easy at last to think about brick.


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