PERSPECTIVE: Mitchell Moore, Campbell's Bakery

June 1, 2016



Photo by Anna Goodson


   Five years ago, Mitchell Moore had the opportunity to build on his passion by purchasing Campbell’s Bakery.
“It was in a pretty sad state after years of neglect. But we cleaned it up, donated the cake mixes to charities and started from scratch,” Mitchell said.

   Mitchell got his start at Nick’s on Lakeland, working as a pastry chef before moving off to New York City and Los Angeles to make a name for himself. So what made him come back to Jackson?

   “I met the woman of my dreams in 2004 and moved back in 2005. She is my biggest supporter and tastetester. She supported me, she paid the bills while I grew the business. When we had our daughter, Madelyn, she still put up with the hours.

   “When I was approached to buy Campbell’s, she was right there with me, praying about it and seeking peace and guidance,” Mitchell said.

   Mitchell says his passion for baking started at a young age.

   “I have a picture of me at three with my Easy-Bake Oven. I was amazed by it then and still am.”

   Mitchell continues to use Louis Campbell, the bakery’s founder, as an inspiration in the bakery by incorporating some of his original recipes.

   “Louis Campbell got out of the Army in 1945 and worked as a baker for Jitney Jungle before moving to the current location in 1962. We continue to make iced teacakes from Mr. Campbell’s original recipe, the same way since 1962. The rest of the items are my own recipes."

   The best-sellers continue to be the teacakes and petit fours, according to Mitchell.

   “We sell thirty to forty dozen a day at each location. On Valentine’s Day, we sell upwards of 1000 dozen. It’s unreal.”

   The success of Campbell’s Bakery has led to a new store opening in Madison located at 123 Jones Street off of Main Street. The Madison location opened this past January and added espresso drinks to the menu.

   So out of all the sweets available at Campbell’s Bakery, which is Mitchell’s all-time favorite?

   “Chocolate chip cookies. It is hands-down my personal favorite.

There isn’t even a contest.”
   After forty-four years, Campbell’s Bakery is once again making a name for itself and Mitchell Moore is continuing Louis Campbell’s tradition of home-grown treats.

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