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September 9, 2016



Adonis, a jewelry line by Anne Taylor Duease, has found success due to its originality and high- end design platform. Adonis offers luxurious, handcrafted shell-based rings and other jewelry that combine semi-precious stones as well as freshwater, South Sea and Tahitian pearls. Anne Taylor’s unique pieces have been seen on the red carpet, while custom orders have been placed for major events such as the Screen Actors Guild Awards and private celebrity fundraisers. However, the line has humble beginnings. Anne Taylor began making jewelry after graduating from high school in 2007. She desired a way to creatively express herself, and she found that creating jewelry was the “most logical” creative outlet for her. For the first two years, jewelry making was mostly a hobby for her.


“Jewelry making started as something that I did for myself,” Anne Taylor says. “It was something that came naturally, that I didn’t feel like I had to study for. It was something that I just enjoyed doing...a very stimulating pastime.”


It was only later that she shifted from a strictly creative mindset to a business one. Anne Taylor identifies 2009 as the year her line really developed into a business, the Adonis we know today. It was in that year that she began attending celebrity- gifting suites to promote her brand and gain exposure. From that point, she was given the opportunity to work with celebrities to create customized accessories for red carpet events. After achieving the brand recognition she was striving for, she began traveling to different markets and shows to promote her line.



Although her line has found much success and gained the attention of celebrities, Anne Taylor sticks to her roots when it comes to design. “My initial inspiration was drawn from coastal findings that I accumulated throughout my childhood,” she points out. Her main design inspiration continues to come from nature and the environment around her, specifically the ocean.


She draws upon coastal colors, sights, materials and even sounds to provide her with ideas that she then translates into beautiful custom pieces. Her favorite thing about creating jewelry is when a fresh idea hits her. “When I’m inspired by something that most would think isn’t inspirational, that’s by far the best part...getting excited about the little things that in turn create something beautiful in the long run.”


She also believes that being from Mississippi has heavily influenced her work, and that Mississippi’s proximity to some of the world’s most beautiful coastal regions has allowed her creativity to flourish. “Being a native Mississippian, I believe, brings out an internal flare that’s almost inevitable,” she says.



Despite the seemingly glamorous nature of Adonis, Anne Taylor recognizes how her designs have the potential to make a real statement, both in the world of fashion and in the world in general. In the future, she plans to make her business much more environmentally friendly.


“Within the past year, my eyes have opened to many issues that our world is facing, and that the fashion/accessory industry has a chance to make a very positive impact on the outcome of these issues,” she says. “I would like to take advantage of the outlook that God has given me in terms of design and respect for our environment.”


With that goal in mind, Anne Taylor plans to take a new design approach for her fall collection. She will be introducing designs consisting of hand-dyed hemps, cottons and precious metals while still incorporating her signature South Sea and Tahitian pearls and semi-precious stones. Nature is an important part of her creative process, and she is determined to show the world that eco-friendly can also be glamorous.


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