ARTIST RISING: Kellie Grantham

October 6, 2016


Who is your art role model, mentor and/or art teacher?

Henri Matisse, Richard Diebenkorn, Caravaggio, Rudolf Arnheim.


What music do you listen to while painting or creating?

Beethoven & Chopin for the most part.


Favorite or most inspirational place?

The Met.


If you could purchase one work of art, what would you select?

"Berkeley #57," Richard Diebenkorn.


Do you have an artist statement or quote?

My paintings explore the depths of color and form. These predominant visual elements within my paintings are used to create a formal metaphor. My paintings involve tangible, concrete shapes, which are a key factor in creating the non-objective world in which I work. There is no object matter involved. Though while no object matter is involved, I look to landscapes for inspiration in regards to shape, form, color, and movement. My paintings are non-objective works that rely on tangible elements of design with a primary focus on color. When processing a painting, I have a dialogue with each of my paintings, and I let the painting tell me what needs to happen; my intuition takes over. My paintings are just an honest search/ dialogue/ conversation with the canvas itself. The marks I make on a canvas are an honest response to the canvas. I do not preconceive as to what a painting will be, therefore the painting becomes part of a continuous search. This dialogue between the canvas and myself become a part of the process. The process of the painting is the utmost important part of the puzzle, to me. The process is a means in itself that is driven by emotion and my own intuition while working on a piece. Within my paintings, there is no story to tell, nor is there any representation of any real object. It is a dialogue between the canvas and myself, which is derived in the form of color, shape, and linear elements. I know the elements that are to be included in the painting, though my spirit takes over and emotion drives the process as a whole. It becomes an intuitive song and dance, pull and push sort of dialogue with the canvas. It is much like a conversation, in that the canvas and myself both have to talk to each other in order to reach a stage of completion.



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