ARTIST RISING: Sabrina Hagerman

October 7, 2016


What gives you inspiration or motivates you to create art?

I am an architect by training and have always been drawn to light, space and form. The attempt to capture the beauty in every day’s fleeting moments is motivation. Currently, these moments, for me, focus on the interactions between the built environment and nature. The goal of this series is to paint in a way that illustrates the beauty in these interactions and the contradictions; perhaps increasing one’s awareness to the impact these decisions have on the planet and our shared future.


Tell me what your are working on now? What is the title?

Parking lots, rain and reflections is a part of this series on the interactions between the built environment and nature. The impervious parking surface itself lacks beauty, but when water collects there, reflecting the sky, it highlights the beauty in that moment of interaction. A contradiction of this moment might occur when we have too much impervious surface and too much rain. We are then made aware of our decisions, and how they may damage our collective well-being.


What do you hope others see in your work?

That someone would see beauty in an everyday moment they hadn’t seen before. I’m not sure my art could increase anyone’s environmental consciousness, but that would be incredible.


What’s on your walls?

Photographs of my family and friends and a few random things from my grandmother’s house that hold a special place in my heart. I also have some student figure paintings sprinkled around, but mostly there is a small collection of art from local artists (which I am always looking to expand).


If you could purchase one work of art, what would you select?

I’m not sure that could be narrowed down to one specific piece, because I would be perfectly content to be able to afford anything painted by Richard Diebenkorn or Giorgio Morandi.



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