ARTIST RISING: Lacy Barger Johnson

October 10, 2016



What gives you inspiration or motivates you to create art?

I have always been inspired by the delta. A sunset there is just good for the soul. I am inspired by color and texture found in nature, researching other artists and traveling. Excerpts from scripture or my favorite poetry can prompt me to paint.


Tell us about your first art show or first painting you sold.

My first show was at Merigold Marketplace. The series was a group of small delta landscapes that I made my senior year at Ole Miss. I still have the “Titles List” to remind me of that amazing night surrounded by friends and family.


Tell me what you are working on now?

I have several commissions in process ranging from landscape to abstract. I have had the opportunity to work with several interior designers and enjoy incorporating a client’s inspiration into a work of art. Mary Margaret Harper and I are working on expanding my paintings into textiles. It is a very new and exciting idea with many possibilities.


How do you describe your work/style?

My paintings document my quest to understand the world around me. They are reflections of my personal experiences. It is a lot like keeping a visual journal. Each mark on the canvas is an active battle to overcome. The paintings are records of discovery and failure. Struggle is evident in the process of mark making, the physicality of the application of paint, and the building of layers. By taking existing forms and reinterpreting them through layers of paint on paper and canvas, growth takes root in the form of abstraction. Color decisions are intuitive and spontaneous. By retaining bits of information from past images I am able to record growth and the larger story starts to unfold. A higher moment is at bay and each mark retains the fleeting nature of the objects around us and records my involvement in process.


What themes do you pursue?

My paintings investigate growth, transformation and adaptation. Studying the natural rhythms, patterns and color found in nature allows me to better understand and express transitions in my own life. Observation of plant life is essential to my practice, and engaging in the creative process allows me to explore the depth of my work.


What’s on your walls?

My husband surprised me with a Rob Cooper glass painting that I absolutely love. We also display a figure painting & landscape by Andrew Cary Young and a small Amelia Key wall sculpture. I enjoy collecting from people that I know and still display many works from artists I knew from Savannah College of Art and Design.




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