PERSPECTIVE: Anik Kurkjian, Mississippi Light Collaboration

December 1, 2016

Photo by Michael Barrett




Brighton, UK
I am a designer and producer. Depending on the project I am working on, I design and/or produce events, particularly experiential, light installations, textiles, marketing campaigns, clothes and sets for film & theatre.


Current Occupation:

I recently designed and produced ‘Mapping A Modern Mississippi’ for Mississippi Museum of Art, an initiative highlighting the creative thinkers and doers around our state.
Now, I am solely focusing on Mississippi Light Collaborations, a non-profit organization I founded this year, which showcases Mississippian art and technology through the wonderful platform of light. We are a group of one hundred creatives; artists to programmers, scientists to carpenters, and always welcoming new people who would like to collaborate with those having different skills sets.

At the moment we are producing the first Mississippi Light Festival, which is to be held in downtown Jackson on February 24th, 2017. The Festival is interactive, fun and like a bonfire or fireworks, always a wonder to look at.
Creatively, our motto is anything goes as long as light is involved. We have 3D projection mapping to light spinning, glowing dancers to glowing fruit, interactive light games and light workshops, light art installations, projections and lighting. We have digital light art and a light app game. We have light bulbs, LEDs, bioluminescences, fire, neon, and we even have the stars.


When did you first begin working in the field of art and design?

Dance took me into the creative world as a young adult. I wasn’t meant to be a dancer, but I was hooked on the process of creating an experience or another world. I did everything; I even manned a spotlight once. I said yes to everything and learned on the job.

I loved it and eventually had my own business as a producer working on anything from festivals to The Royal Shakespeare Company, carnivals to launch parties and on. I wanted to get back to the hands-on side of creativity, to explore and get my hands dirty. I wanted to be in a studio.

So, I went back to school and studied textile design where I majored in the science of the senses focusing on light & color, surface and texture. I created a light installation called “A little Light Music” which explored transparency, light and music. Embracing both natural and digital forms.


You’ve been all over the world, living and working in places like Russia, China and various parts of Europe. What brought you to Jackson?
I married a southern boy.

What is your favorite part of your work?

The big picture coming alive.
Creating another world.

Do you have any advice for designers or artists that are just starting out? Your work is of no use sitting in your sketchbook. Get it out there.
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes—just learn from them.
Never stop learning.
What is your biggest inspiration?
The world around us, and its infinite wonders, both obvious and not so obvious, natural and man-made. o


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