EDITOR'S LETTER: March/April 2017

February 28, 2017




Life is a funny thing. Try as we can to control it, manipulate it, guide it…it is going to move as it will.


I was struck recently to consider life and the pace of things by a couple of stories, in of all places the sports section. NASCAR is changing the rules (again it seems) to create more excitement during a race and someone had the audacity to wonder if we should shrink a baseball game by an inning. One would seek to create more finish lines it seems; the other to shorten the distance to one.


Well, it just seems to me that games, like life, have to be appreciated for what they are, and perhaps instead of bending them to fit our lives, we should find in them their cadence and appreciate them as they allow us into the life they create.. If we mold everything to the accelerating pace of our life in the rapids of our technological world and the assault of images and input on the screens surrounding us, well, we’re going to wear out a lot of tires.


A recent study said that the greatest value of sleep is to help us reset our brains, erase the inconsequential that bombards us at every turn. In essence, sleep creates space, a little breathing and thinking room. As we race from place to place, crowding more and more into the same neurons, contemplation and reflection are disappearing from our daily routine. Running everywhere is fine, but we need to stop and walk the dogs every once and awhile. Speeding from appointment to meeting is necessary, but we have to slow down and allow our minds to sail on occasion. Those are the breaks that reorder us.


The elixir for life is mindfulness, inside and out. Look inward and consider outward. If we could all just step away from the insistence of life, we would certainly all begin to understand and appreciate the instance of it. And life as it happens, in the languorous innings of a game or the mesmerizing circles of a race, holds its own strategy and drama. In its pauses and hastening, it is a wonder to behold…and a treasure to hold.

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