EDITOR'S LETTER: May/June 2017

May 4, 2017

When we work on Sundays, we make it fun. That’s me on the far right celebrating birthdays and the 10th anniversary of PORTICO with our assistant editor, Mallory Bailey, and Greg Harkins, our host for the day. Photo by Michael Barrett.



It was ten years ago this month when I first dipped my oars into the water of this magazine. It was a launch encouraged by my family and friends, supported by our advertisers and stories, guided by an amazing staff and by you the readers...and inspired by my love for the culture, people and places of Mississippi. I am so thankful for each of you, then and now, who have made this journey so rich and so easy and so fulfilling. Frankly, all of my hopes for PORTICO continue to be raised each month because of all of you.


The resources of our lives reach deep in Mississippi. We are challenged by horizons past horizons: encouraged and beaconed and comforted by lives that have come and gone before us. There
is always a model to follow after, an example to guide us on. Even as we build our lives from scratch, with each step and every day, we step with the assurance that in the genius and industry of Mississippians someone understands us and our dreams.


We live in a grand place. We are nurtured by faith and challenge, by reality and mirage, by anticipation and courage. While the act of life can seem hard, the fact of life is full, made richer by the overcoming. As much as we tire of hearing, “If it were easy...” we know the nature of trial does make it worth doing. While clichés may butcher the effort as it happens, most of our journeys are only smooth and effortless in the memory and appreciation of it once done. Disappointment leads us to new places and forces us to find more...and once found we are suddenly aware of the trust and the conviction that saw us through.


A decade of discovery behind me, I look ahead with even more relish, ever more commitment. The fertile soil of our lives here continues to yield, season after season. Life is turned in ways that continue to amaze and astound and surprise. We have grown to understand there can be no other way, that the frequently arduous way produces.


And as we turn and shape and fit the pieces, constructing the day and days ahead, the comfort is in the contentment of effort, the mindfulness of creation, and the awareness of worth. Thank you for helping build PORTICO Magazine; you are a part of it, present on every page and in each photograph. You have led the way...and I look forward to each step ahead.




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