5 Thoughts About August in the South

August 9, 2017




August is the month wedged between the sweet freedom of summer and the refreshing transition into fall. Below the Mason-Dixon, temperatures are rising, school is back in session, and people have questions.


· Was it really this hot all summer?

Humidity is a real thing down South, and it is it’s worst in August it seems. The balmy air is relentless, so put away your straightener because it’s just wasted effort. I feel like I wasn’t this hot in June and July. Am I crazy?


· When will football ever return?

We see you, high school football kids practicing each day. We see you, collegiate teams preparing for the season. We want Friday night gridiron fights. We want to wear our new “Saturday’s in the South” t-shirt to tailgate. We can’t wait for Sunday afternoon games on every channel and Monday night madness. When will it ever begin? We feel like we’ve waited forever!


· Why didn’t I plan an end-of-the-summer beach getaway?

A few straggling vacationers keep popping up on Instagram feeds, and it leaves you marveled at their brilliance as you have already lost your mid-summer tan. Just a weekend trip would have done the trick. What were you thinking?


· Wait, when did you say the new season airs?

With September right around the corner, the countdown is ending. We can’t wait to answer the millions of questions our favorite series left us with after that cliff-hanger ending. From zombies to reality, competitions to comedies, we are ready to welcome them all back.


· Did I really drop $100 on a parking pass for school?

Yes, you did. You spent $100 on a sticker for your car that lets you park in a huge lot and ride a crowded bus onto campus. You had to do it. One day, when you’re not in the parking office paying fines and fees and missing your most important class of the day, you’ll be glad you did it.


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