Workout in a Winter Wonderland

November 16, 2017

With winter weather creeping up on us, it can be hard to find the motivation to get out of your turkey trance and work off all of the holiday treats you just gorged yourself with. Thankfully there are plenty of workouts you can do from the comfort of the warm and cozy indoors, and plenty of gyms and studios in the metro area in which to do them! Here’s a list of our favorite winter weather workouts and some of the best places in Jackson to get your post-Thanksgiving sweat on.

Y O G A / P I L A T E S


Shorter days, colder weather and a busy holiday season can make us all feel the need for a little mindfulness. Yoga is the perfect workout for those who want to exercise both body and mind and escape from the dreariness of winter. Experienced yogis can easily enjoy a yoga session from the comfort of their own home, but there are plenty of studios in the area for the less experienced or those who just enjoy a group workout. If you’re especially cold natured, you could even try a hot yoga class!



Butterfly Yoga • 601.594.2313

3025 N State Street, Jackson


Fitness Plus • 601.842.1413

1424 Old Square Road, Jackson


M Theory Yoga • 601.790.7402

118 W Jackson Street, Ridgeland


Pilates of Jackson • 601.991.3201

Canton Mart Square, Jackson


The Pilates Place of Mississippi • 601.981.2987

Highland Village, Jackson


The Pilates Studio • 601.856.6777

500 Highway 51, Ridgeland


Pilates for Life • 601.936.9922

2628 Courthouse Circle, Flowood


StudiOm Yoga • 601.209.6325

Woodland Hills Shopping Center, Jackson


Tara Yoga • 601.720.2337

200 Park Circle, Flowood





Inspired to take up ballet by the upcoming performances of The Nutcracker in the metro area? You should try out a barre class! Barre-based exercise classes use a combination of ballet-inspired postures as well as positions from yoga and Pilates (using the barre as a prop for balance) to target specific muscle groups. Barre is perfect for all fitness levels and will have you feeling like a prima ballerina in no time! There are several great barre studios to choose from in the area.



athenafit barre studio • 769.230.4483

1139 Old Fannin Road, Brandon

2540 Flowood Drive, Flowood

115 W Jackson Street, Ridgeland


Pure Barre Jackson • 769.251.0486

Highland Village, Jackson


Pure Barre Ridgeland • 601.707.7410

The Township at Colony Park, Ridgeland





If you’re looking for a more of a challenge in your winter workouts, look no further than CrossFit. The official CrossFit website defines the fitness regimen as “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.” It is a strength and conditioning program that consists mainly of a mix of aerobics, calisthenics and weightlifting – perfect for quickly working off that extra winter weight! You can practice CrossFit on your own, but you shouldn’t have any trouble finding an affiliated gym near you in the metro area.



CrossFit 601 • 601.941.8904

113 W Railroad Street, Ridgeland


Coyote CrossFit • 601.613.4014

114A Depot Drive, Madison


CrossFit Fondren • 769.208.6704

3002 N Mill Street


CrossFit Iron Sharp • 601.540.6917

513 Liberty Road, Flowood


CrossFit JXN • 601.861.4244

1434 Old Square Road, Jackson


East Brandon CrossFit • 769.257.0463

107 Felicity Street, Brandon


Kudzu CrossFit • 601.898.1895

114 Dees Drive, Madison


Reservoir CrossFit • 601.706.9658

131 Builder's Square, Brandon


Three Lions CrossFit • 769.216.3624

191 Spell Drive, Richland

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