What to Read: The Unmade World

January 18, 2018


The Unmade World

By Steve Yarbrough


Set against a backdrop of the currentpolitical and cultural upheaval in theUS and Eastern Europe, The Unmade World is a thoughtful, scope-y literary novel with a dose of suspense thatmoves from Poland to Californiato the Hudson Valley and back to Poland. Along the way, the novel grapples with a spectrum of cultural and political issues. It includes a murder mystery wrapped around the corruption of major college sports, the pressures on immigrants and refugees in both the US and Poland, the fallout of political change, economic upheavals and armed conflicts. It also references the 2016 presidential campaign, cultural politics in the American university and the demise of print journalism, though never in a dogmatic or overtly partisan way. 


The Unmade World is a story of ordinary, otherwise decent people from variousbackgrounds and circumstances who must learn how to live with the personal grief, sense of guilt and theemotional consequences of violence.




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