What to Read: 40 Days

March 27, 2018


Duane Key, a photojournalist, is fast approaching his 50th birthday. A text message incorrectly  refers to his milestone birthday as 40 to which he replies, “flattery will get you anywhere”. Unbeknownst to him, that text was the first clue. It’s not until days later when the number 35 seems to bombarding his life that he notices that this number seems to be a curious reoccurrence. Soon, Duane finds the urge to seek forgiveness from those he hurts. He ends a romance with a woman half his age, attempts to reconcile with his adult daughter and ex-wife only to find out that his ex is near death. As days go by, the reoccurrence of numbers begin to approach zero and he soon realizes he may not make it past the end. His concern—swiftly bordering on fright—increases each day. Who’ll take him seriously if he shares his deepest fears? And what if Duane, after feeling strongly enough to make major revisions in his will, is wrong … about everything? This Mississippi novel tells the story of redemption, forgiveness, and the ultimate leap of faith to see if Duane realizes he must do better. Before the countdown ends.





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