Who: Interview with the Easter Bunny

March 29, 2018

PORTICO: First of all, how does one get the title of Easter Bunny?

EASTER BUNNY: The process is very, very selective. There were many bunnies vying for the position, and after an extensive process that included acts of kindness, love of children, knowledge of the Easter holiday, and willingness to pose for pictures I was selected. It was very exciting.


P: What do you do for the rest of the year, when it isn’t Easter?

EB: As soon as Easter is over I first work on the garden and the bunny patch. As summer grows closer I begin planning for the next Easter. Getting reader for Easter takes quite a bit of planning. We have to make sure Easter candy is in stores, dye for eggs is ready to go, and that Pinterest is stocked with ideas for Easter crafts, special egg decorating techniques, and ways to make the Easter egg hunt special and unique.



P: Northpark Mall offers both kids AND pets pictures with the Easter Bunny. Which ones are more fun for you to take?

EB: Wow, that’s a hard one… The kids are so much fun, although it can be difficult to chat with them because, as a bunny, it can be hard for me to talk. The pets don’t ask too many questions, but they are a bit harder to manage sometimes, especially if they are distracted by bunnies. It’s impossible for me to choose, I love them both.


P: What is your favorite thing about being the Easter Bunny (as opposed to a regular bunny)?

EB: The families from all walks of life that I get to interact with. It really is very special to meet young kids, babies, teenagers, moms, dads, dogs, cats… It’s not something that one often gets to do as a regular bunny. And the photos! I just love posing for photos.


P: Can you give us a hint as to where the best Easter eggs will be hidden this year?

EB: As with anything, the best treasures are always hidden in plain sight.



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