What I Learned Running A Beer Mile

May 17, 2018


This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of participating in the first annual Lucky Town Beer Mile (which happened to be my first annual beer mile, too). If you’re not familiar with the concept, a beer mile entails running a mile but stopping to drink a beer every quarter mile. 


After finishing the race (very proud of my 7:50 time, by the way), here are my top seven pro tips for making it through a beer mile:


  1. It isn’t as hard (or as sickening) as it sounds like it would be.

  2. Eat and hydrate a while beforehand and start running on an empty stomach. You’ll definitely need the empty stomach space.

  3. The second beer is the hardest, but it’s mostly a mental barrier. If you can get past beer number two, three and four are a breeze.

  4. Slow your pace slightly before you end the lap to catch your breath – this’ll help you chug faster.

  5. Burping is your friend. It makes room for more beer.

  6. The alcohol doesn’t hit you until about fifteen minutes after you stop running (after the adrenaline wears off).

  7. Be sure you bring a friend (or a few) to cheer you on and gorge on gyros and pitatillas with you after the race!

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