A Day in the Life of a Ballerina

June 7, 2018

     Angela Mia Belmonte works full time as a company member of Vivid Ballet and also as a dance teacher in New Haven, Connecticut, but this professional dancer received her training right here in Jackson. She attended Belhaven University and graduated last year with a bachelor’s in fine arts with an emphasis in dance. 


    Angela knows the motions of being a ballet dancer as well as she knows the choreography of the show she’s preforming. We asked her to tell us what a typical show day is like for her and take us through the routine she has mastered after thirteen years of ballet all day, every day. 





     Show day is a very exciting day for a dancer. I wake up at 8 a.m. and make a healthy shake with coconut milk. I avoid any dairy or gluten; I usually mix fruit and chia seeds with juice, plus different types of powder. My favorite fruit to use are blueberries. Then, I take all of my morning supplements and, of course, can’t forget the coffee!





     Morning to noon I usually relax and go over whatever I will need for that night. I go through the choreography and check all of my bags to make sure they are packed with everything I need, like my makeup, shoes, snacks and more. 





     I then head to the theater to take a warm up class; this particular class usually takes place on the stage. We set up barres and go through a normal ballet class just to center ourselves for the night and make sure our bodies are ready. 





     That evening I will eat my dinner as I put on stage makeup. I usually like to have quinoa,chicken and spinach. It has all of the nutrients I will need for the night and makes me feel great. I place my costumes out for quick changes, and I put on my pointe shoes. I always pray that the night goes well while I do all of that. 





After performing, I love doing social activities, such as going out to eat with a group or going to someone’s house to play a game. My energy levels are so high from endorphins that after the show I always want to keep going through the night. Eventually, usually sooner rather than later, I go home and get some rest for the week of dance to come. And I’m always ready to do it all again!


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