Blue Plate Breakdown: Part III

July 17, 2018

The Mississippi Corvette Classic is coming up this weekend so for my Blue Plate tour I took a drive down memory lane to visit some of the Jackson classics. When I think about the quintessential diner and classic Jackson, Walker’s Drive In and The Mayflower Café are an obvious choice. 



Walker’s Drive In 

3016 North State Street



Price: $11

Blue Plate: Smothered pork chop, side salad, mashed potatoes with gravy, sautéed zucchini and squash and corn bread.  


Walker’s is a classic and that is reflected in its atmosphere. Right in the heart of Fondren, not much has changed to the exterior and its fifties diner drive- in style but the cuisine is always modernizing with new flavors simultaneously keeping their timeless look. Walker’s is upscale and more of a treat in my world but their daily blue plate special will definitely satisfy any lunch cravings you may have for a great price. Plus, their service is bar none and you will always have a great experience but let’s have a chat about the food because that’s what we’re all really interested in. The smothered pork chop was flash fried and well, smothered of course. It was delicious and the gravy was how you’d want any southern gravy to be. The mashed potatoes were in fact real, with lumps and bumps and such a nostalgic homemade texture. The side salad was fresh and a nice palate cleanser in between the gravy and butter. The sautéed zucchini and squash were cooked to have crunch and softness with butter and my favorite part, bacon! The cornbread was true to the South -  it was flat, like how grandma makes it, but oh so savory and of course, great to dip in the gravy. 




The Mayflower Café 

123 West Capitol Street



Price: $9.95

Blue Plate: Stuffed crab, fried green tomatoes, rice and gravy, side salad, a basket of cornbread and rolls. 


The Mayflower Café has been apart of Jackson since 1935 and has seen it all but the diner vibe and loyal customers keep this place alive and always a favorite. From the Beatles to the cast of “The Help” the Mayflower has cooked for the cream of the crop while also staying a local go-to. When I got there and realized stuffed crab was on the menu I knew immediately that’s what I would get, since you don’t really see that offered much anymore. It was fried and the shell was stuffed to the brim. The rice and gravy was also classic, the gravy especially, it was a thick beef gravy. The fried green tomatoes were cubed, battered and fried. I had never had cubed fried green tomatoes but you could really taste the tangy green tomato flavor so much more that way. The rolls and cornbread were both well done and complimented the meal nicely. Although the side salad was simple, their homemade famous comeback dressing made it so tasty. It’s easy to see why the Mayflower Café has thrived in Jackson for so long and continues to.  




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121 North State Street

Jackson, MS 39201


P. O. Box 1183

Jackson, MS 39215

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