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July 17, 2018


PORTICO intern, Asia, sat down with Corvette Enthusiast, Jon Hill, and talked classic cars and his personal connection to corvettes.


How did you become a Corvette Enthusiast?

For me the passion, enthusiasm and love for corvettes started at a young age. My dad owned a black 1984 Corvette Coupe when I was six years old. I was blown away by the sight of it. It exemplifies class, style, and power. My fondest memory is riding with the top down with my Dad or older Brother Ronn on weekends. Ever since then, I have had strong connection to Corvettes. 


What is the best thing about Corvettes?

The best thing about Corvettes is that every car has a story to tell. Whether it’s about their first experience with one or their story in order to obtain their first one. The heritage reaches back to 1953 when the first model was introduced at GM Motorama. This is truly one of Americas most loved sports cars!


Talk a little about how you picked out and bought yours. Whats you favorite feature about it?

I knew in 2014 when my job sent me to Ron Fellows Performance Driving School that I had to have one. However, my first purchase was a 2002 Corvette Coupe. I worked at a Chevrolet dealership and one night that beauty came rolling in. It was white with gray interior. The owner had taken good care of it, so I knew it was right for me at the time. I kept the Coupe for about two years.  I knew I had to trade because the newly redesigned C7 was my DREAM CAR! When I ordered the car it was a very thought out process. I went back and forth between the Sting Ray and Grand Sport. I built an Artic White GS Coupe with Adrenaline Red interior. The GS gives you the Z06 styling with a naturally aspirated 6.2L V8 engine. I love the wide body stance that this Corvette displays. 


If you had the opportunity to have any other corvette car or just any dream car what would it be? Why?

I would own the iconic 1963 split window Corvette Stingray. This was the only year the split window coupe was produced, making this limited production Corvette a collector’s dream. 


What makes Corvette so special to you?

Nothing beats the freedom and liberty one feels when driving a Corvette with the top down on a beautiful day. It screams job well done after a long work week, Americas sports car brings joy and excitement to all whom come in contact with one. 

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