Blue Plate Breakdown: Part IV

July 26, 2018

This week I visited the final restaurant on the Blue Plate Breakdown and it was a bittersweet experience and I’m not talking about the food. I hope y’all have all enjoyed The Blue Plate Breakdown and that maybe you’ve found a new favorite lunch dish or place to eat. It has been such a pleasure finding the best spots in Jackson to enjoy a well priced lunch and while my waist line might not agree, I sure would love to do some more! Sadly, all good things must come to an end and I’ve covered the Blue Plate scene quite thoroughly and so, I must move on.


Jackson is over flowing with lunch possibilities and I eagerly urge you all to try as many as you can, as they are all individual and have something great to offer. Each place I visited had something unique and I love Jackson for that. Whether it be the history, the service, or the southern flavors every place left a mark on my food heart and my blue plate life will never be the same. So without further adieu, here is my last and final blue plate review. 



Highland Village



Price: $11.50 

Tuesday's Blue Plate: Chicken and Dumplings with creamed spinach, garlic cheddar stone grits and cornbread. 


Char is a nice place, you know it, I know it, so choosing to go there for lunch or any meal, for me, usually means there’s something calling for the occasion. However, they have a great lunch special and I highly recommend you give it a try – top-notch service, delicious cuisine, and an upscale atmosphere, why not? Treat yo self! I have had so many southern classics on this blue plate tour but there was one dish that I kept missing out on, still I knew it had to be a part of this: chicken and dumplings! Growing up, my grandmother made them all the time and if I’m real nice she’ll still make ‘em every now and then. So for my sake, here’s me stating that hers are the best (yes, she reads my articles, she’s very proud). That being said Char’s are very delicious. Holy moly, if you’re craving chicken and dumplings then clear your schedule for Tuesday at noon because you won’t be disappointed. The dumplings are nice a doughy texture that is just the right amount. The broth is thick, but still a soup. It has carrots and other veggies mixed in and it gives such a full- flavor with a very accurate balance of seasoning. As you can tell, I loved them and I highly recommend all you chicken and dumpling savants give them a shot and let me know what you think. As for the rest of the meal, it was slightly overshadowed by the main course but not by lack of tastiness. The cream of spinach was great and the cornbread was an ideal way to make sure I got to eat every bit of the chicken and dumplings; I literally cleaned the bowl so spotless my waitress was slightly confused. The garlic cheddar stone grits had a light cheddar flavor and paired well with everything. So as you may infer, I was very pleased with my meal and also so happy to have this as my last one for the Blue Plate Breakdown. Char tied a lovely bow around this wonderful experience; I hope you savored it as much as I did! 




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