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August 17, 2018

A mural renaissance is bring the streets of Jackson back to life.

“Miss Eudora” by Laurin Stennis


While chatting with Reed Hogan (president of the Belhaven Improvement Association) about another mural project, we both commented on how the backside of the McDade's was a little "blah." Jokingly, I sent him my linocut portrait of Miss Eudora photoshopped onto the wall next to the delivery bay. He showed it to building owner, Mike Peters, who loved it and said, "This would look perfect a little further down in this filled-in window area. Let's do it." He was absolutely right – the spot and the portrait were made for one another. Within two weeks, we had it done.


Reed is a man of action who is deeply devoted to improving Belhaven, as am I. It was an honor to work with him on this. I donated the design and labor as a way to give to my neighborhood that I love so. And the Belhaven Improvement Association graciously paid for the mortar, primer, and paint.


Miss Eudora is a literary icon, so we hope the mural will attract visitors from all over. But to us, she was also a friendly and thoughtful neighbor who shopped right there at the Jitney 14. May it long serve as a visual reminder that some pretty serious daring starts from right there within our neighborhood!




“Welcome to Jackson” by Scott Allen


I designed the “Welcome to Jackson” mural to be a bright, colorful welcome mat for Jackson.  The lettering was intentionally bold and large in scale so that the viewer feels a strong sense of place while standing in front of it. With a revitalization effort starting to gain momentum in Downtown Jackson, my hope was that the mural would invoke a local pride for the residents of our city, as well as a warm welcome for newcomers and visitors.  I received an overwhelming amount of support both during the painting process and since, making the experience a truly wonderful one in which I will always be grateful.





“A.J. Orkin Jeweler” by Scott Allen


The A.J. Orkin Jeweler mural was actually a restoration of an existing hand-painted sign from the early 1900s. It was done as a project funded by Downtown Jackson Partners. We are looking to restore several more of downtown’s historic signs in the coming years.





“Belhaven Heights” by Douglas Panzone


Having grown up in Jackson, I like seeing all of the new growth around the city and in neighborhoods like Belhaven Heights. It was really nice to come home and work on this piece, and I look forward to doing more public art projects in Jackson in the future.




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