Elixir: Mississippi Mule

August 29, 2018

Mississippi Mule at Fondren Public

Photo by Bailey Bryan


When I waltzed into Fondren Public and asked for a cocktail menu, I may have lost a few cool points, as I made it clear that I am A) Not good at craft beer-ing, and B) Not very subtle about it. The bartender said there are a few beer cocktails on their beer list and rummaged around until she found one. Apparently, this is the kind of place where people walk in already knowing what they want. But the beer cocktail offerings at Fondren Public are no doubt on point. My favorite is the Mississippi Mule, FP’s take on the Moscow Mule: a mix of ginger beer, Cathead honeysuckle vodka and lime. It’s tangy and sweet, with a kiss of gingery warmth that’s perfect for transitioning into springtime in the South. I sipped on mine while munching on Fondren Public’s signature sweet-heat boiled peanuts and watching my more competitive peers throw down on the Bochi Ball court. Cocktail tasting is a sport too, right? 



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