Fair Favorites

October 4, 2018

The Mississippi State Fair is here and we couldn't be more excited! So excited in fact, that we have called on our neighbors and friends to tell us their favorite memory of the fair. From the food to the rides to family (and back to the food again), there's no doubt that this annual event brings a sense of nostalgia and plenty of empty stomachs!     



Matthew McLaughlin

Landlord and Beer Lawyer

“Smoked turkey legs. And not dying on any of the rides.” 














Howard Ballou

WLBT News Anchor

“The most memorable time for me was when I took my sons the first time and the looks on their faces! Priceless, the wonder and sheer joy!” 









Lesley Childress

PORTICO Jackson Account Executive

“Those biscuits. They’re always warm and just so good. And they’re free!”

















Tony Jeff

President and CEO of Innovate Mississippi 

“It’s honestly just the food. Funnel cake and chicken on a stick particularly. I don’t eat those anywhere else.” 










Larry Yarbrough 

Attorney and PORTICO Pup’s BFF

“When I was a kid it was put on by American Royal and it was first-class. I loved the rides, especially the Tilt-A-Whirl. Now all I can hear is that sucking sound of people’s money leaving their wallets.” 










Claire Graves

Mississippi Site Director at First Place for Youth

“My dad worked with the Mississippi Sweet Potato Council, and for several years as a child I would go down to the fair with my family and help man their booth. We’d give out mini sweet potato pies and sweet potato recipes and show off some of the state’s finest looking sweet potatoes. People would be lined up to get that free taste of pie, swinging by right after they’d gotten their ribeye sandwich from the Cattlemen’s Association and their biscuit and honey from the Department of Ag booth. We’d visit with people over the megaphone shouts of the man who wanted to guess your weight and the roar of the generators. There was always a feeling of comradery at the fair – people from every corner of the state, all together, celebrating Mississippi with one another. That feeling is still there every time I go!”




Leah Oswalt

PORTICO Jackson Editorial Assistant 

“One time when I was little I was running and playing with my cousin, and I somehow flipped over a divider and scraped my head on the curb. I cried so hard that the man at a nearby booth gave my cousin and me some of those loud poppers that you throw on the ground for free.” 













Karen Gilder

PORTICO Jackson's Fearless Leader

“One of my favorite fair memories growing up is the first time my friends and I got to go by ourselves. I had saved up my money for what seemed like all year to buy a necklace with a gold heart-shaped pendant. I had it engraved with ‘Donny loves KK’…. Donny was Donny Osmond.”

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