Q&A with Matthew McLaughlin

October 18, 2018



What exactly does a food and beer lawyer do? 

We guide food and beverage manufacturers through every aspect of their operations, from startup to regional expansion and beyond. We advise them on corporate matters, capital raising, intellectual property issues, labor and employment matters, growth and expansion strategy and exit solutions.  We are a turn key business and legal advisor to more than 100 food and beverage manufacturers throughout the Southeastern United States.


How did you get into this type of law? 

I was in the right place at the right time, but I suppose that applies to a lot of positive things in life. Back in 2004, I advised Mark and Leslie Henderson on the corporate structure of Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company and helped them close their first round of financing.  I have been an advisor to Lazy Magnolia and Mark and Leslie for over 15 years.  From this initial client engagement and years of hard work, we have built a regional business, legal and public policy advisory firm located here in Jackson.


Who are some of your clients? 

Lucky Town, Mississippi Brewers Guild, Crosstown Brewing Company and Cottonwood Public House to name a few. 


What is your favorite local beer? 

If I am in the mood for a hoppier offering, I generally gravitate towards Crowd Control by Southern Prohibition or Timber Beast by Lazy Magnolia.  For lighter and more sessionable beers, I have been drinking Lucky Light, an American light lager by Lucky Town, and Lucille, a Czech-style pilsner that was a collaboration beer by the Mississippi Brewers Guild.  You cannot go wrong with any beer made in Mississippi right now though.  We do not have many breweries, but the ones we do have are putting out some incredible products. 

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