Perspective: Chris Myers

November 8, 2018


            Like many architects, Chris Myers was particularly interested in LEGOs throughout his childhood. Although South Panola High School didn’t have much of an art program at the time Chris attended, his parents took note of his creativity as he got older. When it came time to choose a college major, they gently nudged him in the direction of architecture. These factors combined with his success in math and problem-solving skills led him to pursue a degree in architecture from Mississippi State. The final year of the program is in Jackson, and years later Chris is still here, working to improve the city he and his family now call home. 

            Chris was hired at Cooke Douglass Farr Lemons Architects right after graduation and has worked there for the majority of his career, becoming a partner in 2017. During his time there he has worked on small local projects such as Pig & Pint, as well as multi-million-dollar complexes on military bases. He is currently the project manager of Highland Village, including tenant build-outs and renovation of the complex as a whole. CDFL is also working to renovate the National Agricultural Aviation Museum, which is part of the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Museum. Moving forward, CDFL is working with the Waggoner/AJA engineering team on a project called the Capital Complex Improvement District Master Plan, which will use state-allocated funds to improve the city. 

            Earlier this year, the city of Jackson held a nationwide competition to select the design for new unified signage around the city. Chris was a member of the CDFL team which produced the second-place submission. CDFL was excited to support a project of this magnitude from the city government. The winning designer is from New York, and Chris and the rest of his team are looking forward to seeing her design in action. 

            Another local project that Chris is proud to have had a hand in is the Two Mississippi Museums. CDFL, along with Eley Guild Hardy and Dale Partners, was part of the massive project to build the Museum of Mississippi History and the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. Since completion in December 2017, the museums are definitely Chris’s favorite project of his career thus far—not only because of its importance to the city and state, but also as his first major project in the city where he and his wife have chosen to raise their family. This took on even more significance when his wife Rachel was hired as the director of the Museum of Mississippi History. Chris and Rachel can now bring their son to the place where they have both invested so much. 

            In addition to his work, Chris serves on the City Planning Board and tries to stay involved with the Fondren neighborhood. Although he recognizes that there are more well-established cities where he could live and work, part of the appeal of Jackson for him is the opportunity for continued growth and improvement. “I love the potential of Jackson and being around people who care and have dedicated their lives to making this a better place,” he says. “It can be a struggle, but there’s no place I’d rather be.” 

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