A Look Ahead: Trends in 2019

January 4, 2019

2019 is well underway, and we’re excited to see what the rest of this year holds. Looking forward, we talked to several industry leaders in the Jackson area to find out what trends they expect to continue throughout the year.


It generally pays to be a contrarian, to go against the consensus. Buy when the crowd is selling; sell when the crowd is buying. Or as Warren Buffett said, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” 


Julius M. Ridgway, Jr., CFA, Client Advisor, Medley & Brown, LLC Financial Advisors



Group workouts will remain popular and competition is making a comeback. I see a shift from just “finishing” to actually competing... I’m not saying everyone is going to get super fast, but competition with yourself and peers is a top motivator.


Lesley Holleman, Owner, Fleet Feet Sports



A big developing area in the law involves the internet and data privacy – for instance, we will continue to see cases involving the use of data collected from cell phone towers, data breaches and what’s been called the Internet of Things. Employment law is also an area where we see a lot of cases being filed. In terms of trends in the legal marketplace, we continue to see law firms becoming more regional, as with our firm’s recent expansion to Dallas.


Margaret Cupples, Jackson Office Managing Partner, Bradley



We look forward to growing our residential base with the Lamar Life and the former Edison Walthall slated for completion in 2019. We see more opportunities for special events and nightlife entertainment for residents and visitors, and we continue to see our office occupancy rise as property owners attract more businesses to Downtown.


John Gomez, Interim Executive Director, Downtown Jackson Partners



There is a noticeable resurgence of color in the design industry. Consumers are ready for fresh pops of color and individuality. I'm seeing bold colors on upholstery, fun prints in wall covering as well as tiles and mixes of organic woods and metals.


Courtney Peters, Owner, Courtney Peters Interior Design



I can’t comment on what’s happening nationally, but locally we’re seeing that people are valuing their reading time more as an experience. That experience often has to do with holding a book, hardback or paperback. People also seem to be more choosey about what they read. We’ve seen a sustained interest in hardbacks, rather than submission to e-readers. This seems to be especially true in non-fiction. This may have something to do with taking the time to slow down and read. This Christmas season we felt like more people went out of their way to make sure to buy locally from us, despite competition from Amazon and big chains like Barnes and Noble.


John Evans, Owner, Lemuria Books

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