Perspective: Bobby and Bridget Moorehead

March 4, 2019



     Graduating from college in 1996, Bridget Moorehead, M.Ed., accepted a teaching position through Americorp with St. Richard’s Catholic School in Jackson. Later, a good friend introduced her to Robert (Bobby) Moorehead, a graduate of Mississippi College School of Law. Now their family of seven has become very involved in the city of Ridgeland.

     Bobby began his career as a real estate lawyer with DJ Horecky; then with the Underwood Law Firm. Several years later he decided to establish his law practice on the corner of Jackson Street in Ridgeland. From his window he has witnessed the “For Sale” signs going up and coming down, new businesses opening, and families moving into the area. Later, he would have the opportunity to serve as a board member for the Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce.

     About five years ago Bobby took a leap of faith, or as Bridget states, “a risk.” Without discussion, he purchased a block of a property located on Jackson Street where he saw great potential. Eventually, square footage was sold for new businesses to be built, leaving the Mooreheads with several older structures. They decided to remodel two of the buildings and open the M7 Coffee House. With their entrepreneurial spirits, Bridget and Bobby moved forward to find ways to connect with people and watch businesses grow. Bridget’s passion is for people to see the need to build the spirit of community.

     She and Bobby have seen this exhibited through being involved in the city’s first Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony last November. That day, Bridget witnessed the spirit of community as families participated, businesses extended hospitality, and people walked the streets and visited. It was a tremendous success!

     As the development of new businesses has been taking shape on Jackson Street, M7 has become a place for the owners to come together. They share ideas, encourage each other, and the networking brings people, events and more development into Ridgeland.

     Furthermore, Bridget connects with suppliers who are located in and out of Ridgeland: BeanFruit Coffee Company, a local roaster from Pearl; fresh milk from Beason Family Farms in Philadelphia; homemade bread from Gil’s Bread in Ridgeland; and honey from the Yazoo Bee Farm. Small businesses are connecting, helping each other, providing jobs and contributing to the growth of the Mississippi economy.

     Bobby and Bridget give back to others by making their red building with its conference room and kitchen available to non-profit organizations. At the back of this building, you will find Whirl Natural Smoothie Bar, a small business they encouraged a friend to establish. Bridget has membership-based businesses use the M7 area as a drop-off point for their members: The Little Bluestem Farm (Carthage) and Two Dog Farms (Flora). Inside M7, the Mustard Seed has a wall of art available for purchase. Again, all of these endeavors are about building community and connecting people who go beyond the boundaries of the city of Ridgeland, the county of Madison, and the state of Mississippi.


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