Serene and Sublime

March 4, 2019

These Ridgeland homeowners have taken their home room-by-room and turned it towards a more sophisticated aesthetic.

A calm, serene aesthetic was just what these homeowners wished for. With ac- tive children, busy career and a full life, coming home to a place that is relax- ing and calming is important. “This is the more formal living space in the home,
the first rooms encountered when entering,” said the designer, Nancy Price.“This couple, like most people, have a busy life. But after several years of living in the home, they felt a need to go room-by-room and move towards a more sophisticated aesthetic. The client liked lighter colors and had a few pieces to start with. They just needed someone to come interpret the space, someoneto help pull it all together.” Mixing antique and new pieces, Price likes each unique piece to be showcased. “Nothing is there without a purpose.”





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