Lindsey Brooks Bell, The Dinner Darling

May 22, 2019


"What’s for dinner, darlin’?” It’s something people ask almost every evening as they call the spouse on the commute home. At first glance, it doesn’t seem monumentally important, but in truth, it is, especially if you’re like a lot of folks and want to make dinner inviting. These days it’s hard to get the family to sit down together at the dinner table.


Lindsey Brooks Bell is a busy ad executive, wife and mother living in the Jackson area who grew tired of her weekly dinner menus. She and her husband like to team up in the kitchen and they agreed dinner had become routine and blah. In the summer of 2017 they began searching online for dinner ideas.


“I fell into the rut that most of us do - cooking the same things over and over. Everyone has a regular rotation of easy go-tos, and we both became so bored with mine,” Lindsey said. “I noticed that my friends would often reach out on Facebook for some ideas, so I started a Facebook group.”


If your flavor pallet is in gear for something more along the lines of Rachel Ray meets Applebees, maybe you should try the ideas and recipes coming from the Dinner Darlings on Facebook, and @thedinnerdarling on Instagram.


The Dinner Darlings Facebook group has grown quickly in the last few months to over 4,000 friends and family members from twenty different states and three different countries, all asking, “what’s for dinner?” Lindsey explains that she and her sister created the logo and a way to search the site for whatever you’re craving and to help create weekly menus and grocery lists.


“My sister threw together a cute logo, and we added some friends,” Lindsey said. “People started sharing their favorite recipes, new things they tried, and they added their suggestions and notes to make them better or more diet-friendly. The group has this great search bar so you can search for any protein, veggie or recipe.”


Lindsey said people ask her a lot about the process she uses to plan, buy, and prepare her dinners. In response, she goes online and covers the gamut of active family life.


“We discuss everything from different diets, cooking for groups, tailgate food, Christmas side dishes, and even how to hide veggies in recipes for your kids,” Lindsey said. “People stop me all the time to talk about it and share how much it has helped them at home. We also share grocery deals and restaurant dinner deals.” That’s why she’s decided to start a monthly subscription to Dinner Darlings, packaging all her delicious knowledge into a handy email.


“In early May I’m launching a weekly e-newsletter for $10 a month that will have 3 recipes with their accompanying grocery lists,” Lindsey said. “This will be an easy and inexpensive way to have a meal plan and tell you everything you need to do it.”


Lindsey also offers in-home demonstrations, Dinner Darlings Demos, and said her summer schedule is picking up quickly. Email her today to find out more at  o

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